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Hello and welcome to my new website and you will also note that the old one is still available (click here to view the old site).  Briefly, and you may be able to check all of this out, in much more detail, in the History page.  Believe it or not, I never intended, or had any ambition to become a songwriter.  But this is how it all began!  One evening, in the Autumn of 1967, I was a very disgruntled soldier stagnating in Western Germany.  Waiting for the Russian onslaught that we all secretly knew would never take place.  The feeling of disenchantment with my current lifestyle, and career, was manifold, and very depressing!  My best mate, Alexander Petchey, suddenly burst into my room and with a bit of a theatrical flurry flung some writing paper down onto my chest.  Then,  as suddenly as he had arrived, he abruptly left, with an

enormous clatter of his Army hob nailed boots.  The paper consisted of an anti war poem that he had written.  I was impressed and then persuaded myself to have a go.  From this point on, and very much to my surprise, the words just flowed out of me in an unstoppable torrent!  All neatly formed, and in apple pie order, without any need to edit anything!  I never had to think about any of the words, for they all just tumbled out of my head.  I have never understood why this strange creative thing just erupted out of my inner being the way that it did.  I rather think that Bob Dylan may have had something to do with this, for I was a tremendous admirer of his work, and played his albums constantly.  If you don’t like what I do, then please don’t blame me.  Blame Bob Dylan!

– Terry Friend 

Forthcoming Album "The Gathering Storm" (delayed by COVID-19!)

A collaboration between original Stonefield Tramp members: Brian Balster, Dave Lloyd and Terry Friend.

Release date: to be confirmed.

Original Albums by Stonefield Tramp

going nowhere

Going Nowhere – Stonefield Tramp



Dreaming Again – Stonefield Tramp


Follow The Sun - Stonefield Tramp

Follow The Sun – Stonefield Tramp



Come The Day  – Stonefield Tramp


The Acetate – Stonefield Tramp


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