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March 2021 Some reflections on the very Early Days and two rare acetate recordings...
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Mastering session at FFG Studios – Nov 2019


To everything, of course, there has to be a beginning! And the beginning of this little enterprise goes back rather a long way! In 1962, when I was still at school, and the singular event which led me on to my very 'strange journey,' was a song that I heard on the radio one Saturday morning. It was called 'Love Me Do' by The Beatles! Strange name, I thought to myself, but I did like the song, for it seemed to be so different to all of the other stuff coming over the air waves back then! There's no need for me to explain what happened next, is there? What appealed to me about them, was the fact that they wrote their own songs, and what great songs they were too!

Now we need to jump forward to 1966. It was Bob Dylan's song 'Positively Fourth Street' awoke something inside of me that had been dormant. It's very difficult to describe exactly how I was affected by this song, but hearing it changed my life, for ever! The old Terry was dead, and the new one was very much alive!

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Anno Domini CD Terry Friend

The new "The FFG Sessions" album by Balster, Friend and Lloyd (Founder members of Stonefield Tramp) is out now!
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You can now find Stonefield Tramp on Spotify!
- "Dreaming Again" is available at the moment, while we are in the process of adding the albums :

Terry's Friends

Here are just a few of the people I have collaborated and worked with in the past, and people who are still part of the scene today.

Artystar Limited The graphic designer behind this web site, album covers and tee-shirts. Highly recommended!

"Terry blends country with folk a touch of the blues with occasional punk audacity to present an interesting and entertaining programme that sits comfortably alongside anything in the current Texas scene".

Pete Smith, Country Music Roundup

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